Zebras north of Waterfall Lodge

Jan Mortensen Waterfall Lodge Impala

Jan Mortensen +45 20330472

I had great hunting days at Waterfall Lodge. All planned in a much more professional fashion compared to my previous hunting trips to other places in South Africa. Our expert PH’s had a total insight into all sorts of game in the entire Limpopo province – very impressing.

The stay at the Lodge was a treat. Great food and exquisite service. I loved the late afternoon cool drink at the poolside and the long nights of hunting stories around the wine table. Don’t hesitate to call me if you wish further information about Waterfall Lodge.


 Niels Offersen +45 40297673

I have been visiting Waterfall Lodge on several occasions, and hopefully not for the last time. In fact I have plans to book my next trip soon, including my daughter and some of my friends with their kids. My first couple of visits was with the focus on hunting – an amazing adventure and very interesting and top professional staff all through. But recently with the kids travelling along, we have had equally focus on more classic sightseeing. Waterfall Lodge is clean, perfect service, fantastic hunting and super experiences.